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Why it is Important to Stay in Touch With Your Clients?
Latest statistics shows that over 80% or real estate sales comes from referrals and repeat business. This is why staying in touch with clients is the best marketing Technique ... ....
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How to Negotiate a Good Property Deal?
A home is the biggest purchase most Canadians will ever make in their lifetime, so getting a good deal matters. Some people imagine that getting a "good deal" on a house involves stumbling onto an unsuspecting and desperate seller who is willing to give the house...
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How to Use a Newsletter to Communicate Effectively with Your Customer Base.
Unfortunately, many real estate agents think that once they joined an office, get a few business cards made, and circulated a couple Ads in the neighbourhood, that the customers are going to literally beat their doors down to ask for their service....
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How Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate?
When you apply for a new loan, the loan officer will check your credit history first. Your credit score in most cases influences the amount you can borrow and also your interest rate.
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Building Real Estate Leads Through Word-of-Mouth Referrals
The most powerful advertising and marketing tools you have at our disposal are word-of-mouth referrals. Unfortunately, they're the hardest to control. You can do a great job for hundreds of clients, but how do you make sure those clients tell their friends?...
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Protecting Your Privacy While Your Home is on the Market
Numerous people are likely going to spend a considerable amount of time browsing through your home while it is on the market. If you are living in the home while it is for sale, your personal things will be on show too and potential buyers might look...
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The Best Kept Secret of Real Estate Marketing
One of the great secrets I learned with over 20 years as a small business owner is that when it comes to marketing, doing something ordinary, day in and day out, is much more effective than doing something spectacularly great once in a blue moon....
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Is a Condo a Good Investment Now?
Not too many years ago, buying a condo was considered a compromise move. Condos are more affordable, particularly for first-time buyers who have a tough time breaking into the housing market...
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