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Why a Real Estate eNewsletter?

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Every top producing real estate agent knows that the best way to build your real estate business is through repeat business and referrals.

Your friends, family members, past clients, and people in your network who you stay in touch with regularly are the best source for referred and repeat business. Yet, like many agents, you may be spending money on advertisements to attract new clients who have never heard of you.

The people in your "sphere of influence" want you to succeed and would gladly give you their repeat business and referrals. However, they may forget you unless you keep in touch with them on regular basis.

Do you currenlty keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis? Do they hear from you every month?

Preparing quality marketing materials on a monthly basis is a challenging task for most real estate agents. It can be expensive and time consuming.  You would rather spend your time selling, right?

The News 4 Realty eNewsletter is a cost-effective and valuable way to keep in touch. At News 4 Realty, we create a monthly newsletter and send it to your clients every month. Each newsletter is packed with high quality content personalized with your picture and contact information.

Our eNewsletter is a professional and effective way to stay in touch with your clients. It is designed to help you grow your business by providing valuable information and market updates through  professionally written articles that encourage your prospects to take interest in doing business with you.

Our Email Newsletter offers the following benefits: 

  • Helps you stay in touch with clients
    Past clients, friends and family members are your best sources for business. The eNewsletter allows you to stay in touch with them in a professional and non-aggressive way.
  • Save time and money
    You don’t have to labour over creating a new marketing piece every month. And you don’t have to think of what to send next. The eNewsletter is sent automatically to your clients every month.
  • Help you become known as a trusted expert
    Our professionally written articles promote you as the trusted expert in your area and helps you to achieve added respect. 
  • Increase your name recognition
    The key to successful marketing is frequency. The more often people see your name, the more likely they are to remember you and do business with you. 
  • It allows you to “hit” the same group of people more frequently with your advertising
    You can’t send a personal brochure to the same group of people every month, with our e-Newsletter you can—it is fresh with new content every month.
  • Increase referrals and help grow your business
    The eNewsletter recipient can easily forward the eNewsletter to a friend or colleague, which in turn can get you more referrals and more business.
  • It is versatile and affordable!
    The eNewsletter is distributed by email, no letters to send, or postage to pay. You only pay the newsletter subscription fee! 

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    Your newsletter is an excellent way to contact potential clients and keep in contact with regular ones.

    Shirley Anne Hannah

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    News 4 Realty eNewsletter

    We strongly believe the newsletter offers the same value to other realtors who choose to subscribe to the service.
    Well done guys and thanks to all your staff."

    Lyle and Sandy
    Assist2sell, Surrey, BC

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